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Intentional & Prophetic

Intentional and Prophetic

Pupils in our school are growing to be . . .

Intentional in the way they live and use the resources of the earth, guided by conscience; and prophetic in the example they set to others.


Our school helps our pupils to grow . . .

By being a school community which is intentional in its way of proceeding to buildup quality of life; and which is prophetic in the way it offers an alternative vision of education and the human person rooted in the gospel.


The Christian and Ignatian Roots of the Pupil Profile.

Activity can easily become the distraction of being busy. Using wisdom and discernment, we can live our lives more intentionally – getting the balance right; living in the present moment rather than in the unchangeable past or an unknown future. Living in this way is to be prophetic – announcing the new perspective of the gospel on what it means to be human. Jesus is an example of someone who lived his life intentionally and prophetically.