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Faith-Filled & Hopeful

Faith-filled and Hopeful

Pupils in our school are growing to be . . .

Faith-filled in their beliefs and hopeful for the future.


Our school helps our pupils to grow . . .

By passing on the living and faith-filled tradition of Jesus Christ; by having persevering faith in the pupils, and by encouraging them, in turn, to have faith and hope in others.


The Christian and Ignatian Roots of the Pupil Profile.

Having faith is crucial to human wellbeing – faith in myself, my emotions, my judgements; faith in others and their faith in me; faith my family and in the communities to which I belong; and faith in God. Faith cannot be taken for granted; it has to be built up day by day. Once we begin to have a little faith, we have hope, because we can trust ourselves and those around us with the decisions which will shape the future. Without hope we become insular, lacking in love, and ultimately despairing. The three core virtues of the gospel of Jesus are faith, hope and love.