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Health & Safety

We aim to ensure that children are safe and secure at all times. The school adheres to the guidelines outlined by Newport City Council regarding Health and Safety in Education.


Any health and safety concerns are to be reported to the Headteacher. Where appropriate these issues will be brought to pupils’ attention via assemblies and class discussion. Personal and Social Education sessions will also address any Health and Safety issues. The school will work closely with other agencies, such as the police and the traffic safety team. Any issues are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. Regular fire drills are undertaken and the school is equipped with appropriate safety equipment. Risk assessments have been undertaken on potential hazards and educational visits.


Please be considerate to pedestrians and other drivers when parking near to the school.


The school site is secure throughout the school day. It is monitored by CCTV cameras, 24 hours a day.


Please note that dogs are NOT ALLOWED on the school site. The school has a strict NO SMOKING policy on the whole site. Any person using inappropriate language within the school grounds will be requested to leave.


Pupils are NOT ALLOWED to use the play area or equipment at the beginning and end of the school day.