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Year 6

So far in Year 6, we have learnt about:


Our time at school 


We each have developed our knowledge in school to our amazing teachers in each class we learn preparing for bigger steps. We have in YR Mrs Tasker Following with Mrs Harris and Mrs Desmond. In Y1 we have Mrs Massey with Mrs Newman and Mrs Burke. In Y2 is Mr Hodson with Mrs McGloughlin. Then in Y3 is Miss Roberts. Teaching in Y4 there is Miss Crowther along with Mrs Longmuir. In Y5 is Mr Davies with Miss George and in Y6 is Mr Shepherd with Miss George.


What I have done in my class



In Year 6 we have been completing autobiographies of a young boy, who is in y3 in a book. His name is Kevin Young and he’s a boy who thinks he can build another him. My class has used the details of the book to write our  autobiographies of him then we will write it in the Chromebook for display.


In RE, we have written a class prayer together as a class, then we started to begin on our first topic family. We started to think about the love and care for the people around us like our parents and siblings. Then we moved on to what love is to ourselves. Our next session in RE was with the scripture with Paul, we started to talk about Paul, when he was called Saul. But then we did Paul and the conversion.


So you have heard what my class has been up to and let me show you pieces of work we have done. - Esther

š•€š•Ÿ š•šŸž, š•Øš•– š•Øš•–š•Ÿš•„ š•„š•  š•”š•£š•¦š•”š•šš•’š• š•”š•£š•–š•Ø š•Øš•™š•–š•£š•– š•Øš•– š•š•–š•’š•£š•Ÿš•–š•• š•’š•“š• š•¦š•„ š•šš•žš•”š• rš•„š•’š•Ÿš•„ š•šš•Ÿš•—š• š•£š•žš•’š•„š•šš• š•Ÿ š•„š•  š•œš•–š•–š•” š•¦š•¤ š•¤š•’š•—š•–. Mš•Ŗ š•—š•’š•§š• š•£š•’š•„š•– š•„š•™š•šš•Ÿš•˜ š•Øš•’š•¤ š•„š•™š•– Sš•„ Jš• š•™š•Ÿ'š•¤ š•’š•žš•“š•¦š•š•’š•Ÿš•”š•– š•“š•–š•”š•’š•¦š•¤š•– I š•š• š•§š•– š•š•–š•’š•£š•Ÿš•šš•Ÿš•˜ š•’š•“š• š•¦š•„ š•—š•šš•£š•¤š•„ š•’š•šš••. I š•’š•š•¤š•  š•š•šš•œš•–š•• š•„š•™š•– š•žš•’š•Ÿ š•Øš•™š•  š••š•šš•• š•„š•™š•– š•–š•š•–š•”š•„š•£š•šš•”š•šš•„š•Ŗ š•Øš• š•£š•œ š•¤š•™š• š•”, š•“š•–š•”š•’š•¦š•¤š•– š•™š•– š•Øš•’š•¤ š•£š•–š•’š•š•š•Ŗ š•—š•¦š•Ÿš•Ÿš•Ŗ. - Georgia 

In Y6, we went to a place called Crucial Crew and we learnt all about safety. Our first workshop was about rail safety. We also learnt how to save someone's life. My favourite one was the electric workshop because the guy was very funny. We also are learning about Frida Khalo. - Anna