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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Croeso i Ddosbarth Tri!


Teacher: Mr L Shepherd

Class Size: 30

Autumn Topic: Me and My Community 

Spring Topic: Two Wheels (Romans and Celts)

School Council Members: Ashton and Mia P

Eco Committee Members: Ethan and Brooke P

Digital Leaders: Eden and Theo

Star of the Week/Seren Yr Wythnos:  (17.02.17)

Growth Mindset (Connecting Cate): Maizy (15.02.17) 

Mathematician of the Week:  (17.02.17)

Reader of the Week: Lucas (17.02.17)

Handwriting of the Week: Carter (17.02.17)

Welsh Speaker of the Week: Brooke P (17.02.17)


THIS WEEK'S LEARNING (Week Commencing 06.02.17)

Maths - This week we have been looking at the Six Nations tournament we were looking at how many games there are in the tournament. We were then looking at bonds to 100 and 1000.   


Literacy - We have been looking at a video of 'Bubbles'. We have been describing the journey that the bubbles take when they are formed. We have had a go at writing a stanza of a Haiku  about Bubbles.

We have also been writing Acrostic Poems about Wales, ready for our Eisteddfod. 


Welsh - We have been looking at the Song Calon Lan and used this for our Eisteddfod handwriting competition. 


Art - We have been looking at the Welsh Artist Gwilym Pritchard and chosen one of his pictures to draw as part of our Eisteddfod Art Competition. 


RE - In RE, we have been looking at the Eucharistic Prayer and the dismissals from Mass.  


Two Wheels (Romans and Celts) 

During the Spring Term, we will be looking at our fabulous new topic Romans and Celts, using the topic title of Two Wheels. We will be learning all about the Celts and their settlements in Britain, Boudicca's story and the Roman invasion of Britain. We will look at the armies of both the Romans and the Celts. We will be exploring how their invasions and settlement here in Wales have helped shape the landscape and Wales as we know it. 

HOMEWORK (10.02.17)

Maths- Please complete the maths sheet using an appropriate written addition method that we have been using in Class. Remember to show your workings, ready to prove your answers! 


Reading - Learners should try to read every night. They don't have to read their Guided reading Books every night, they can read a variety of books or magazines to help to expose them to a range of texts. 


Spellings - The children will need to practice the spellings that were given to them. They need to practice some of the words from the Year 3 Spelling list - these can be found at the bottom of the page. 


Learning Diaries - If the children have not had the opportunity to finish their learning diaries in school, they will need to complete these at home. 


Year 3 Spellings for Test on 3rd March 2017

Y3 Spellings for Test on Friday 17th February 2017