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What Matters Statement 1

Being curious and searching for answers is essential to understanding and predicting phenomena.

Curiosity about science and technology leads us to ask questions about the world around us. By being encouraged to use logic, evidence and creativity, learners will be supported to inquire into and apply scientific knowledge to further understanding of how our world works. Developing and testing models will also help them make sense of its complexity. With evidence derived from observations, new theories can be developed, and existing ideas may be refined or challenged.

Learners need to be able to evaluate scientific claims to help make informed decisions that affect our environment and well-being, including regarding the climate and nature emergency. The choices we make depend on many factors, including moral viewpoints and personal beliefs. However, rigorous and robust evidence-based research provides a solid foundation on which to base decisions. As ethically informed citizens, learners will need to consider the impact of our actions and of scientific and technological developments, locally and elsewhere in Wales, as well as in the wider world, asking ‘Just because we can, does that mean we should?