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Safe Routes to School Project

Safe Routes to School Project 


This year, we are taking part in the Safe routes to school project with Sustrans.

Sustrans are an organisation that works with developing sustainable travel. 


St David’s Safer Routes in Communities is a co-design project that is working with our school and the surrounding community to make improvements to the streets that will result in a safer and more attractive environment for walking and cycling.


How the project works 

Sustrans is supporting St David's RC Primary School and the surrounding community in designing improvements in the area that make it safer and more pleasant for walking and cycling, particularly the area around the school.

Using a series of co-design workshops, the project has focussed on working with the community to understand specific issues and barriers to walking and cycling, and where changes could be made to address these. 


The current phase of the project will continue with a focus on developing and testing design proposals through until the end of March 2019.


From April 2019 onwards, the project expects to move into a delivery stage making the changes happen.


Community Mapping Tool

Please log-onto the easy to use Community Mapping Tool and tell us where you would like to see improvements made within the area. Simply follow the instructions to log-on and click anywhere on the map to leave your comment. You can leave as many comments as you like.


Year 5

Year 5 have already been working with Sustrans on the project. They have carried out different workshops to engage the children in the designing of the project. So far, they have carried out a street audit outside of the school gates. The children have used large scale maps of the outside of the school and began to re-design the streets. The children have also been to Tredegar park and completed a route survey from there back to the school. We have also been to railway bridge to look at improving the route to school.