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Eco Committee

Welcome to the St David's Eco Warriors


Eco Committee Members:

Eco Coordinator: Mr L Shepherd 

Staff Representatives: Mrs G Dymond & Mrs G Newman

Parent Representative: Mrs L Smith 

Year 3 Representatives: Seren and Finley

Year 4 Representatives: Ethan and Brooke

Year 5 Representatives: Joseph, Jairo, Lottie and Roisin

Year 6 Representatives:  Marcus, Kyron, Niamh and Lily


What is the St David's Eco Committee? 

The St David's Warriors meet every few weeks to discuss how we can make our school a more eco-friendly place. Each year we write an action plan that outlines are important features that we would like to put in place for the academic year. 


How do I become a member of the Eco Committee: 

We begin each year by writing a speech to read in front of our classes to say why we would make good representatives of the Eco Committee. After a vote, the children are selected. 


What happens at an Eco Committee Meeting: 

At our first meeting, we carrying out our Eco Audit. We travel around our school and look for where we can improve upon. From this Audit we then form an Action Plan, which will last a year. 


Each meeting we discuss a part of the Action plan and how we are doing. By the end of the year, we have evaluated our action plan and are ready to begin the process again. 


How to get Involved with the Eco Committee: 

If you would like to be involved or have a suggestion for our Eco Committee, please do not hesitate to contact your class representatives or Mr Shepherd! We always look forward to receiving your ideas. 


Active Journey Crew

School Champions: Mr L Shepherd, Mrs C Tasker & Mrs G Newman

Year 3 Representatives: Tomos & Ivy

Year 4 Representatives: Yazmeen & Lennon

Year 5 Representatives: Lottie & Fraser

Year 6 Representatives:  Tegan & Maddox 

School Support Officer: Hamish Belding