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Active Journeys

What is Active Journeys?

 In October 2017, St David's became an Active Journeys school. Active Journeys is a three-year programme. The aim of working with Sustrans in this way is to expect the percentage of pupils who are usually driven to school to reduce by 10%.


The Active Journeys Programme offers:

  • guidance and support to address specific travel issues around the school
  • activities and lessons focused on active travel
  • incentives for the school community that promote cycling, walking and scooting
  • access to activity guides, curriculum support materials and on-line challenges


As an Active Journeys School we: 

  • complete annual travel surveys
  • establish at least two Active Journeys Champions. These are Mr Shepherd & Mrs Tasker
  • involve pupils in planning (Active Journeys School)
  • now provide storage facilities for Scooters and Bike Racks.
  • actively promote active travel through assemblies and activities
  • provide an opportunity for bikes & scooters to be safety checked regularly


Active Journeys Crew:

Active Journeys Champions: Mr Shepherd, Mrs Tasker & Mr Cobb

Active Journeys Staff: Mrs Newman

Active Journeys Crew:

Year 3: Deona & Josh

Year 4: Aoife & Finley

Year 5: Brooke P & Carter

Year 6: Jairo & Jinead

School Support Officer: Hamish Belding