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Active Journeys

Bronze Sustrans Mark

What is Active Journeys?

 In October 2017, St David's became an Active Journeys school. Active Journeys is a three-year programme. The aim of working with Sustrans in this way is to expect the percentage of pupils who are usually driven to school to reduce by 10%.


The Active Journeys Programme offers:

  • guidance and support to address specific travel issues around the school
  • activities and lessons focused on active travel
  • incentives for the school community that promote cycling, walking and scooting
  • access to activity guides, curriculum support materials and on-line challenges


As an Active Journeys School we: 

  • complete annual travel surveys
  • establish at least two Active Journeys Champions. These are Mr Shepherd, Mrs Tasker & Mrs Newman. 
  • involve pupils in planning (Active Journeys School)
  • now provide storage facilities for Scooters and Bike Racks.
  • actively promote active travel through assemblies and activities
  • provide an opportunity for bikes & scooters to be safety checked regularly


Active Journeys Crew: 2 Representatives from each KS2 Class, supported by Hamish Belding


Active Journeys Champions: Mr Shepherd and Mrs Tasker 

In November 2018, St david's RC Primary was awarded the Bronze Sustran Mark. 

The Sustrans Bronze mark is an accredited award that encourages the school to think about Active Travel. 


Over the last year, the school has worked hard to make changes to encourage the children to travel to school using sustainable ways. We have installed bike and scooter racks on the Key Stage 2 and Foundation Phase Yards. The children can bring these to school to store in these. However, they must bring a chain or a lock to secure them. 


Every term we have held an event day and assembly. These are to encourage and inform the children how we can travel in a sustainable method.